Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Staff Training

This week the greenstaff attended a course walk at Richmond Golf Club with other greenkeepers from around the area. Les Howkins their Course Manager, showed us around the site with special attention paid to their bunker project that has been on the go for 3 years. Every year we go to another course to see how other clubs set up their golf courses and maintenance procedures. Over the last few years we have visited courses such as Sunningdale and Bearwood Lakes. Many of our maintenance practises at EGC have been implemented after visiting sites such as these. It's always good to see how other Course Manager's set up their golf courses.

As we are now nearly in to the golf season our staff training programme for the winter draws to a close. This winter all our staff have attended external courses ranging from pesticide updates to a John Deere mechanic's course. It keeps our staff up to date with latest technologies and safe practises. We also complete many in house training sessions. It all comes together to allow our greenstaff to maintain the course is a safe and professional manner.

Les talking through the bunker project

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