Friday, 28 March 2014

Spring Drainage Works at EGC

The last two weeks have been very intense at EGC. Last week all the greens,tees,approaches and collars were given their spring renovations. The main focus of the week was aeration and sanding with the greens receiving 40tonnes on their own. This week the intensity went up another level and 380 metres of drainage was installed in to the 15th fairway and snagging areas on the 1st,8th and 11th holes. This is part of our overall drainage programme which is into its second year now. With this work completed we now have 13 fairways and approaches which we consider 'acceptable' in extreme weather. Work is planned to the second fairway in the autumn and in year 4 all fairways should be up to standard.

The pictures below give you an idea of the work which took place. We did 850metres over the week and with the 800metres last autumn, it has been a good winter. The work consisted of turf cutting the turf off, trenching out the drain lines, backfilling with sand, consolidating and finally putting the turf back on. It was a great team effort and once these areas settle down secondary drainage will be installed with a gravel bander.

Marking out the 15th approach
Gully pots going in to the 15th fairway

Turfcutting the areas

Trenching away
Checking levels

Pipe laid
Nice clay sub base in 15th green

Sand backfilled
Finished product

Gully pot installed
Marking out irrigation lines

Turf back on

Trenching across the 15th fairway

We needed some help!

382metres installed in the 15th fairway in 3 days

Marking out the 8th approach

View up the 1st fairway

1st fairway finished

Turf cut off the 8th green
Nice to know the aeration/spiking programme is working!

Typical greenkeepers!
Trench finish on the 8th green

Consolidating the sand

It's not suppose to be enjoyable

8th Approach all finished

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Number 10 Downing Street for one of our Greenkeepers!

A couple of weeks ago one of our assistant's Ryan Bezzant visited Downing Street during national apprenticeship week.  Ryan joined us last autumn and enrolled on the NVQ scheme. He was picked by the Greenkeepers Training Committee to represent the industry as one of the government trailblazers organisations.

Ryan outside Downing Street
The day went really well and Ryan met the Chancellor George Osborne. He commented on the day 'it was a truly memorable occasion and one I will remember for the rest of my life. I now want to focus on my apprenticeship at Ealing and thank the golf club for supporting me'.