Friday, 29 March 2013

Bunker renovations are finished on time

This week the Greenstaff managed to finish the bunker project that was started in March. The aim was to 'freshen' the bunkers up before the season starts. All 67 bunkers have had work done to them. Some have been drained such as the 3rd (below) and others have had the compacted layer taken out and replaced with fresh sand.

3rd Bunker Before
3rd Bunker After Drainage Added

It has taken a huge amount of effort from the Greenstaff. In total 354 labour hours were used and 110tonnes of sand moved. It will take some time for the bunkers to bed down, but we think it will be worth it. Just remember when you go in there that bunkers, are hazards!

Friday, 22 March 2013

Spring Renovations

Our attention turns this week to our annual spring renovations. The main playing surfaces (greens, tees and approaches) have been spiked, sanded and feed. As we come out of winter and begin to enter the playing season (forget about this weekends forecast:( it is vital that we prepare the main playing surfaces. It is essential that this work is completed as it aids percolation, dilutes any organic matter built up over the winter months, and generally clean them up ready for the golfing calendar. It is an intense week and many hours are put in by the greenstaff. We will reap the rewards in the months ahead!

The work for each playing area consisted of the following:

Greens and approaches
  • Deep Verti-drained with a 12mm solid tine
  • 20tonnes of sand applied to each area
  • Brush sand in to the tine holes
  • Fertilised

The spiking begins!
Nice clean finish

Plenty of sand
Drag the sand in to the holes

  • Deep Verti-drained with a 20mm tine
  • 20 tonnes of sand added
  • Overeeded with Dwarf Rye grass
  • Brush sand in
  • Fertilised

20mm tine

Sand and seeded

Friday, 15 March 2013

Our Trencher has arrived!

It has been another full on week at Ealing. 48 bunkers have been renovated and our brand new Shelton trencher arrived on Wednesday. For the last two days it has been out draining the golf course. We have worked on the area between the 1st green and 2nd tee, 7th fairway, 8th fairway and 12th bunker. So far this winter over 800 metres of drainage has been installed on the golf course. Nearly all have been completed with a Caterpillar digger, which does a good job but is slow. As we are planning to completely renew our drainage system over the next few years, the club have decided to invest in much needed drainage equipment such as the trencher and soon to arrive gravel bander.

As you can see from the pictures below the job is clean and efficient. All this work has been completed in house and the greenstaff have put in a lot of hours over the winter to enable the work to be completed on time. A great effort so far by all the guys!

Turf removed beforehand

Trencher working

Sand backfill on to pipe
Guys replacing turf

Nice clean job 2 hours later

Doesn't always go to plan!

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Staff Training

This week the greenstaff attended a course walk at Richmond Golf Club with other greenkeepers from around the area. Les Howkins their Course Manager, showed us around the site with special attention paid to their bunker project that has been on the go for 3 years. Every year we go to another course to see how other clubs set up their golf courses and maintenance procedures. Over the last few years we have visited courses such as Sunningdale and Bearwood Lakes. Many of our maintenance practises at EGC have been implemented after visiting sites such as these. It's always good to see how other Course Manager's set up their golf courses.

As we are now nearly in to the golf season our staff training programme for the winter draws to a close. This winter all our staff have attended external courses ranging from pesticide updates to a John Deere mechanic's course. It keeps our staff up to date with latest technologies and safe practises. We also complete many in house training sessions. It all comes together to allow our greenstaff to maintain the course is a safe and professional manner.

Les talking through the bunker project

Friday, 1 March 2013

Warren's off to Sweden

Warren Clements
We have some sad news to report this week. Warren Clements, our Deputy Course Manager is leaving us at the end of March. He has been given his first Head Greenkeeper's role at Ingelsta Golf Club, Sweden. Warren started at Ealing in the late 1990's and learned his trade and attended college during that period. He then left for the first time in 2003 but returned three years later as our Deputy Course Manager. It was during this period that he furthered his education and passed his NVQ level 3 qualification in 2010. As well as being the deputy on the course he doubled up as our irrigation technician, attaining his NPTC certificate in irrigation last year. Warren has been a first class deputy during his 7 years in the role and lead the team superbly in the absence of the Course Manager. We wish him well in his new role and feel very proud to have played a part in his education and career progression.