Friday, 22 March 2013

Spring Renovations

Our attention turns this week to our annual spring renovations. The main playing surfaces (greens, tees and approaches) have been spiked, sanded and feed. As we come out of winter and begin to enter the playing season (forget about this weekends forecast:( it is vital that we prepare the main playing surfaces. It is essential that this work is completed as it aids percolation, dilutes any organic matter built up over the winter months, and generally clean them up ready for the golfing calendar. It is an intense week and many hours are put in by the greenstaff. We will reap the rewards in the months ahead!

The work for each playing area consisted of the following:

Greens and approaches
  • Deep Verti-drained with a 12mm solid tine
  • 20tonnes of sand applied to each area
  • Brush sand in to the tine holes
  • Fertilised

The spiking begins!
Nice clean finish

Plenty of sand
Drag the sand in to the holes

  • Deep Verti-drained with a 20mm tine
  • 20 tonnes of sand added
  • Overeeded with Dwarf Rye grass
  • Brush sand in
  • Fertilised

20mm tine

Sand and seeded


  1. Just flicking through your posts and came across this one, just out of interest how did you overseed, broadcast on surface or machine into the soil. Liking the blog Greg

  2. We have a Blec sarrell seeder. Spikes and drives it in to the soil.