Friday, 21 December 2012

The Drainage Works!

Its been another tough week at EGC. Over 25mm (1 inch for you old timers:) has left many parts of the course sodden, but not the 3rd and 4th holes! If you look below you will see the 4th fairway with a picture taken yesterday morning when it was pouring down. The next one was taken this morning showing it completely dry. A great effort by the guys who have worked tirelessly for the last 4 weeks installing new primary drainage in this area.
4th Fairway 20 12 2012
4th Fairway 21 12 2012
This week (again) it has been about moving water away from the course. Our efforts concentrated on shifting water from the high side of the course (left of the 1st green), down to the ditch by the 13th and then finally in to the river. The video below shows you the outlet, with water gushing out:)


All that's left for us to say is we hope that our members and guests have a Merry Christmas and lets hope Santa brings us some dry weather!

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Leaves on the Golf Course

At this time of year most of the leaves from the autumn drop have been blown and collected. The Oaks are always the last to drop and looking around the course this morning, we see a few just wont let go! In days gone by leaves used to be a huge issue here at Ealing, before the club invested in a tractor mounted blower (as the one below) and a leaf collector. Prior to this the Greenstaff just couldn't get on top of them. Not any more, and anyone playing at the weekend will hopefully be surprised as when they hit it in to the rough, they should actually find their ball!

The other thing that we have implemented this autumn are four leaf drop stations around the course. In the past, the collection of the leaves have just been wasted in rough and out of site areas. Our aim now is to compost these over the years and use them for top soil when needed. 
Leaf station left of the 6th fairway

Friday, 7 December 2012

3rd and 4th Holes Drainage Works

Another week, another drainage area is being worked on at EGC. This week the Greenstaff have been working on the 3rd and 4th holes. For the last 25 years (and more) we have been looking at water in this area. It starts from the left hand greenside bunker on the 3rd, through to the approach and on to the 4th fairway. Not anymore! As you can see from the slideshow below work has been pretty intense this week. So far the 3rd approach has been drained, connecting in to the 4th fairway and on to the river. Next week we will connect the two greenside bunkers on the 3rd in to the system and then go on up the 4th fairway. It is quite big and intense work and will all be completed in house (with the help of our drainage expert, Christian Brown). Well done to all the guys in tough conditions and hopefully we have a heavy frost next week to help with our trenching!

Monday, 3 December 2012

Work begins to the 3rd Approach and 4th Fairway

Moving on from last week (where we completed drainage works to the 7th approach) this week we start work to the 3rd and 4th holes. Our aim is to take water from the 2 x bunkers by the 3rd green, through to the approach, over to the 4th fairway and install an outlet in the river bank. Having looked at a puddle in the left hand bunker on the 3rd for 25 years, it will be a relief to see it dry once completed!

These works (if weather allows) should be completed within the next two weeks. When we are working in these areas the 3rd hole will be closed and you will play a small par 3 to the 4th green. It will mean only 17 holes will be in operation during the week, but all 18 will be open at the weekend. These works will also help the 4th fairway area when the river bursts its banks. Which unfortunately this years has been quite often.