Thursday, 13 December 2012

Leaves on the Golf Course

At this time of year most of the leaves from the autumn drop have been blown and collected. The Oaks are always the last to drop and looking around the course this morning, we see a few just wont let go! In days gone by leaves used to be a huge issue here at Ealing, before the club invested in a tractor mounted blower (as the one below) and a leaf collector. Prior to this the Greenstaff just couldn't get on top of them. Not any more, and anyone playing at the weekend will hopefully be surprised as when they hit it in to the rough, they should actually find their ball!

The other thing that we have implemented this autumn are four leaf drop stations around the course. In the past, the collection of the leaves have just been wasted in rough and out of site areas. Our aim now is to compost these over the years and use them for top soil when needed. 
Leaf station left of the 6th fairway

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