Thursday, 18 September 2014

Chipping Green Opens!

Last Saturday we opened our new Chipping Green and it was a roaring success. From start to finish it took 16 weeks, with the grow in only 12 weeks. It was a great project and much needed as we have been without a chipping green (good or bad) for a very long time. The green was built to a top specification but instead of using traditional seed or turf, we used 'poa cores' from our main greens to act as a seedbed. It was very successful and allowed us to push the green to the limits very soon whilst retaining the same characteristics as the main greens.

The first cut took place two weeks after the cores were laid with the height set at 6mm. We then feed, watered and top-dressed on a regular basis until we had gained full coverage. With 3 weeks to go we switched the maintenance plan from a 'grow in' programme to a normal maintenance one. This meant that the frequency of cut increased but water and fertiliser decreased. We opened with the height of cut on the green at 2mm and stimping at 10 feet. Not many grass species that can do this in such a short amount of time.

All the greenstaff played a part but special mention should go to Olly (our shaper), Keith Buckingham and Wes Lenihan, who was responsible for the grow part. As well as the green we widened the path, moved a gate and installed new nets besides it (thanks Sukhdev). All this from previously undeveloped waste ground.

It is now open and there for the enjoyment of our members and guests. Special thank you must go to our Captain Mike Shilling (who drove the project forward) and Ricky Willison, our club pro who designed it. Below is a slideshow of each stage taking place. Enjoy!