Friday, 12 December 2014

New Tee added to the front of the 11th

Over the last two weeks we have added a small front tee to the 11th teeing area. Installing a new tee always seems like a simple task, but it is time comsuming and implementing it correctly is a must. The new tee has been added to provide the laides with a slightly forward teeing position and to help wear in this area. A suitable teeing area on a short par 4 should be between 300 and 400m2. Before this tee went in we only had 170m2 and in the winter the tee used to look very tidied. This addtional tee wont get us up to the required size, but it will help to relieve the pressure.

When you are installing any new feature in to a golf course the number one priority is to make sure that it fits in to the landscape. If it doesn't it will look out of place and silly. As we wanted to achieve this we went down in to the ground so it fits the eye nicely. We installed drainage and irrigation systems to make sure it is suitable for both winter and summer. Another thing that we did was that instead of buying turf from outside for the teeing ground, we took the turf from an area on the golf course. This means that the rooting will take immediately and the turf has been maintained to tee standards for many years. It will speed up the process of getting it in play very quickly.

Some of the trees to the right will have to be felled but we will do this at a later date. As you can see from the pictures below, the roots of these trees go all over that area and in to the drainage channels. If we don't remove certain ones, then the condition of this tee will deteriorate very quickly. The ones further up will be 'root pruned'.

Below are a few pictures of the process that went in to installing a new tee.

Tee getting graded

Drainage added
Roots in drainage channels

Rootzone being installed
Roots over teeing area

Wes checking levels
Area levelled

Teeing area turf taken from an area on the golf course

The finished product. 7 days in total!