Saturday, 11 January 2014

Root Pruning

Roots going on to the 13th Green
Over the last 5 years we have implemented a root pruning programme around the golf course. Being on a tight (88acres) parkland setting trees play a major part in the set up of our golf course. They add strategy and give the golf course its identity. However on the flip side they block out sunlight and restrict air flow. All needed to create a healthy plant. One other thing that they have which are not very welcome are their roots. The root of a tree extends at least double the size of its canopy. So next time you walk past a tree think about that. If it stands 30metres high, its roots will be around 60metres wide. Probably going on to a green and tee:(

Our root pruning programme has been predominately based around greens and tees. Last year we did the Oaks behind the 5th green. We were starting to notice in the summer months that this green was drying out a lot quicker than the others and was susceptible to disease far quicker. Since we cut the roots back last May this has been reversed. This week we carried on with the programme and the Ash tree by the 13th green had its roots cut back. This tree is only 5metres away from the green which is way too close. Ideally the Ash wouldn't be here but it plays an important part in the defence of the 13th hole. Trimming the roots back is a happy compromise:)

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