Friday, 3 January 2014

Happy New Year 2014!

It was a wet end to 2013 and the new year brings further wet conditions. Golf courses across the country are under extreme pressure and at EGC we are no different. The good news is the drainage that we have installed over the past two years is working well and these areas are handling the conditions. The bad news is getting to these areas in the first place becomes a bit of an issue!

Above left is a picture of a rather wet 15th fairway taken this morning. On the right is the outlet for this fairway which goes under the footpath, through the 11th tee and in to the river by the 10th bridge. As you can see, plenty of water is coming out of the outlet. So why you may think is the 15th fairway saturated? The answer is pipework or rather a lack of it. The outlet takes the water from the ditch to the left of the 15th fairway. However to move the water in to that ditch, pipework is needed. As we head in to the new year this will be one of our priority jobs. The plans have been laid, materials are in, so all we need now is some dry weather and we will be down there in a flash.

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