Friday, 5 July 2013

Digging the greens up!

This week we have carried out some minor maintenance to the greens at Ealing. In the past this has been seen as 'digging the greens up' in some people eyes, but with today's techniques and machinery disturbance can be minimal. The week started on Monday with a light aeration which was followed with 5 tonnes of sand. A brush then followed behind dragging the sand in to the holes and once dried, Mitchel went out and vibro rolled the greens. The next day a wetting agent (which takes the surface tension out of water droplets) was applied and watered in. Today we have just done a speed and smoothness test to the second green and ball roll is 10 out of 10 and speed is 11 feet. So long gone are the days when you dig the greens up and putting performance is affected for weeks on end!

Spiking first thing Monday
Stan applying 5tonnes of sand

Sand on surface

Sand being brushed in to the holes
Green half brushed

Mitch vibro-rolling the greens

Wetting agent being watered in

Greens Friday morning

Smoothness 10/10 and speed 11

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