Friday, 19 July 2013

1st Hole Carry Extension

As the weather has got hot it has shown up some weak areas around the course in terms of dryness. When the irrigation system was installed in 2006, the design was based around greens,tees,fairways and approaches. This has meant that certain areas such as surrounds and walk off areas suffer when extreme hot weather comes our way. Every system designed on paper will never be fully acceptable when out on the field. Tweaking of the system has to take place to make sure it's functional for the golf course. Over the years we have been installing surround sprinklers and so far holes 3,8,9,12,14 and 18 have had them installed. We have done this all in house and helps walk off areas for the summer months.

This week we installed a extension to the 1st hole carry. Right in front of the 1st tee there was a slight weak area. It was only around 20metres long but would burnout and look poor right in front of the 1st tee. Steve our new Deputy got on with the job of bringing the existing pipework and cable back to the 1st tee and turning it towards the putting green. It took three days to complete and is now fully automatic so sits in with the rest of the sprinkler programmes. It will improve the turf quality in this area and make our 'first impressions' acceptable in the summer!

Poor turf quality in front of the 1st tee
Marking out the sprinkler positions

Trencher digs out the pipeline
Soak-a-hose watering the turf

Turf relaid
New sprinkler installed on the 8th walkway

Nice clean job
All finished in 3 days


  1. Maintaining golf courses should be really demanding during hot season. Apparently it looks impossible to keep them green without using irrigation sprinklers.

  2. Yes it is tough and like any organism, grass needs water to survive. The great thing with Ealing is that we have invested very well over the years on our system to make sure it meets our needs. Sprinkler application is based on a weather station and moisture probes to make sure plant uptake is maximised. All the sprinklers are 'valving head' meaning that we have total control on each head to keep wastage to a minimum. We have also invested in a borehole so that we are not reliant on main water.

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