Friday, 1 February 2013

Scrub Clearing

At this time of year when moving heavy material and machinery becomes a problem due to saturated ground, the greenstaff keep busy by concentrating on scrub work around the course. Over the years, as areas of the course have been left, scrub tends to take over. If you look at the sideshow below (web version only) you will see sections that were overtaken with brambles, invasive weeds and the like. These areas have now come to life with all the scrub being removed, but established trees such as Oaks left to thrive.

The big fear when we commenced this work several years ago was that we would open up the course too much and it could lose its 'parkland' feel. However, looking at these areas now we believe the general consensus is positive. The indigenous tree species are now thriving, cut grass has replaced brambles and the general aesthetics of the course has improved greatly. This works forms part of our woodland management programme, which has the added benefit of improving turf conditions due to increased sunlight and air flow!

1 comment:

  1. You are quite right, clearing the scrub makes the course much much more attactive and does not reduce its difficulty. I hope some time you will clear the scrub on the right hand side of the 17th fairway behind the 18th tee.