Thursday, 7 February 2013

1st Tee Conifer Removal

This week the attention has turned to the 1st tee area. Around 25 years ago a line of conifers were planted alongside the 1st tee. The reasons for this are unclear but one thing they did do was create a barrier between the drive in and the golf course itself. Our frontage at EGC is very 'hard' on the eye.  Because of the conifers (plus the clubhouse itself), the first sight of the golf course is when you stand on the first tee. This leaves our 'first impression' as a club very weak. The decision was taken a couple of months ago to remove these conifers to open up the view and create a 'softer' visual image as you drive in. If you look at the pictures below, the first one was taken before they were removed, and the one below it yesterday morning. Even though they are only half felled, the visual impression has already improved!

Since our new Captain, Sukhdev Sagoo took office he has been busy raising funds for golf course projects. One of these projects is to improve our first impression as a club as a whole. Removing the conifers is the first part of this process. Once these conifers are down, their stumps will be ground out and a landscaped garden will take its place. The next stage will be to improve the walk through the visitors car park, past the practise nets and on to the 9th tee. Once finished hopefully by spring, we are sure you will enjoy the improvements.

View from the car park Tuesday
View from the car park 1 day later!

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