Friday, 30 November 2012

Frosty Mornings!

Now that we are entering the 'Frosty Season' we thought that we would give you a run down of our procedures at EGC. They area as follows:

Frost - As soon as the grass plant freezes (either the leaf or the roots) it goes into a dormant state. This means that although it is still alive it is not growing. There are two types of frost. A leaf or white frost freezes the water cells on the leaf leaving the roots unfrozen. Any wear on the leaf at this point will cause the cells to die, leaving a scorch mark. After a week or so you will see yellow marks on the leaf. At this stage the leaf has been bruised and is open to infection. Disease will soon follow. There is also a risk during this period of the leaf breaking away from the roots due to foot traffic. The second type is a ground frost. Not only will the leaf freeze but the roots too. The plant when it is in this state will be solid. I believe that damage to the plant during this period is minimal. 

So in mind of the statement above we implement the following guidelines:

• White frost; the greens will be put onto temporary holes until the whiteness has dispersed. There will also be a trolley ban during this period.
 • Ground frost; the greens will remain in play during this period. This could mean that the greens go back on during the day, because the white frost has gone but the ground is still frozen.

We hope this explains the tricky subject of frost and if you need up to date information please view the club website (where a header will explain current conditions) or phone the pro shop.

In the meantime to cheer us up, it was a lovely morning this morning and here are a few pictures that were taken!

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