Thursday, 13 August 2015

Summer Renovations

Last week was the major renovations week at Ealing Golf Club. Greens were deep spiked and heavily sanded. Fairways were scarified and tees overseeded. It was a big week and long hours completed to get the work done but turn around has been quick. One week and the surfaces are back to normal!
One of the great benefits of doing these heavy works during the early August period is that the weather is good so recovery quick. If you also take in to consideration that majority of members are away on holiday, it starts to make a lot of sense. 

During the week all greens were given a 20mm tine and 80 tonnes of sand applied. They were then tinned twice again but with a smaller 8mm tine to help close the 20mm's up and 'shake' the sand in to the holes. It worked well and here is a picture of the 11th green 6 days later!
All in all a good week and any short term pain is far outweighed by the long term benefits in the continued performance of these areas!

Little bit too much sand on this one!

Fairways getting scarified

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