Saturday, 21 March 2015

Spring Renovations at EGC - Part 1: Greens,Approaches and Collars!

This week the greenstaff have been busy punching holes and applying sand. It's been quite a week. Over 80tonnes of sand was applied to the greens, approaches, collars and all the fairways were hollow cored. We believe it's the first time that the fairways have been hollow cored and it took a lot of effort!

When you have two major projects going on at the same time it requires a lot of organisation and commitment from all parties. From the clubs side we have hole closures, disruption and only allow members to play. On the agronomy side the greenkeeping team work long hard hours and of course there is an expense to everything. We hope its worth it!

As it was two projects we have split this weeks blog in to two parts. Part 1 is below about the greens operation. Part 2 will follow in another blog and contain the fairway operation. We hope you enjoy the read!

Greens, Approaches and Collars 

Two Operations in One!
Our usual spring renovations took place on these areas. They were deep verti-drained at a 200mm depth on a 40mm spacing with a 12mm tine. 80tonnes of sand was applied first and after they had been spiked, the remainder of the week was about brushing the sand in to the holes. It finished with a few vibro-rolls to smooth the surfaces and 'shake' the sand in further. Conditions were ideal and below is a slideshow of the operation complete with captions.

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