Friday, 7 February 2014

The River Has Burst Its Banks

Unfortunately the river decided to burst its banks this morning. After all the rainfall that we have had over the past two months it is not surprising to see the river level topple over the edge. To date we feel that we have been quite lucky. With all this record rainfall it has only come over 3 times, which compared to other parts of the country is more than acceptable. Our drainage in these areas have been updated over the years. So once the river level drops it will go back in quite nicely. For instance on Saturday it came over but by Sunday we had all 18 holes open.

The clear up as you can image can be quite hard and messy. The worst is when we have silt being deposited on the golf course but this only happens in extreme cases. On average the river bursts it's banks 5 to 6 times per year. As it has already gone over twice this year we have had 33% disruption so far. You've always got to look on the bright side!

View to the 18th Tee
Big carry today to the 12th fairway

12th Tee is an island!

17th Fairway looks a bit wet:(

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