Friday, 6 December 2013

Winter is here!

This week winter has definately felt like it has arrived. We've had a couple of mornings of frost and the air temperature has dropped suddenly. As the golf course has dried out a lot over the past few weeks we decided to give all playing areas a trim before christmas. As usual greens,approaches and fairways were cut but on top of this surrounds,tee banks, semi-rough and full rough were tidied up. These areas can only be cut when ground conditions are suitable at this time of year. Not so much of making hay while the sun shines, but rather cutting when the rain stops!

On top of this we are right in the middle of leaf clearance. During November and December a big operation goes in to place to collect all the leaves that fall from the trees. Around 200 labour hours has been spent so far to blow and pick up the leaves. If we don't then they will mulch in to the ground smothering the grass plant. Also finding golf balls in amongst heavy piles can be problematic. They may look beautiful up on the trees at this time of year, but on the floor they can be a pain for the golfers!

The Oaks looking lovely

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