Wednesday, 6 November 2013

St. Jude's Storm Hits Ealing Golf Club

2 lanes closed on the A40
Last week we had the pleasure of a storm ripping through Ealing Golf Course. It was not a pretty site and in total we had 25 trees that were either up rooted or had major limbs fall off them. The most dangerous one was at 6.45am when a poplar tree decided to fall on the A40, which is a major road out of London. Two lanes were shut whilst the greenstaff and police cleared the area. To cap matters off, the river decided to burst it's banks. We don't have these storms very often, but when they do come, destruction is left behind!

As you can guess it was a busy week with the greenstaff clearing up the debris. We would have to say that we have had better weeks but by the end of the week, all the major trees were chopped up and debris mostly cleared. It will take some weeks to clear fully but for the time being the golf course is playable again. From the pictures below you can see some of the issues that we faced!

4th Green area

4th Green after being flooded by the river
Tree split in half

Bit hard getting in to the maintenance compound

Up rooted tree on the 7th
Roots bigger than our tractor

Tree chopped up

Looking quite sad!

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