Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Drainage Project - Week 2

So far progress has been slow but steady. The first area that we are draining is traditionally the wettest part of the golf course. It runs from the high side of the 8th, through the rough and past the 1st fairway. This zone on its own is a huge challenge in itself.  It goes directly across the fairway irrigation system and for the five runs that we are making, we have to cross it 28 times!

The main bulk of this zone has now been completed but it hasn't gone without any hiccups. Unfortunately we hit our first irrigation pipework at the end of last week. We managed to avoid 27 of them so far but one got away:( However, it was fixed straight away and we move on:)

All efforts will now concentrate on getting the area ready for the weekend when the holes will be fully operational again. So far the feedback has been great with many members commenting on how clean it looks once finished.

After this area has been drained in a couple of weeks then we will start connecting the surface moisture to the drains. Both the 1st and 8th holes will be hollow-cored, scarified,verti-drained,gravel banded and finished off with a heavy sand dressing. It will help rainwater once on the ground to move in to land drains. Many long hours are going in by the greenstaff, but once winter sets in it will be worth it!

All pipework 'lasered' in

Good old London clay!

All fairway lines are re-turfed

Trencher leaves a lovely cut

Pipework repaired

If in trouble, call the 'Dominator'

Turfcutter takes turf off the fairways

Join on the far side of the 8th fairway

Trencher at work

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