Friday, 12 April 2013

Irrigation audit

As we approach the start of the season, hopefully this year our irrigation system will be used. In 2006 the club invested heavily in a state of the art irrigation system. In total (including the borehole that was added in 2010) it cost £310k to install a whole new system including water to greens, tees, approaches and fairways. It was a great investment by the club and during periods of hot, dry weather, it allows us to maintain these playing surfaces to the best of their abilities.

A lovely sight when allowed to be used!

 Now that the system is in to its 7th year, regular maintenance of it is needed to allow it to function to its maximum potential. This week the attention has turned to our spring audit of the system. All sprinkler heads (over 500 in total) have been edged and trimmed. On top of this, all arcs and pressure have been checked and any faults found either repaired or put on a maintenance schedule. Last October over 40 sprinkler heads were raised as since installation, they had dropped. This took over 20 man days. As you can begin to image, irrigation takes a huge amount of resources and maintenance to maintain. It is underground so out of sight and can be easily forgotten about. However, when you need to use it, it has to be fit for purpose. Let's hope we have the opportunity to use it this year!

Working at 5bar of pressure

Testing for arc and pressure

Over 500 heads to be trimmed every 4 weeks

In a good year around 20,000m3 will be used

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