Friday, 18 January 2013

The snow is a-coming!

Looking out across the golf course this morning, it's quite a bleak picture. Snow is expected to land on the golf course by noon and temperatures are sub-zero at present. It's been a very cold week but this hasn't stopped the Greenstaff carrying out vital drain works and path renovations!

As the ground has been solid all week it has been perfect for moving heavy material around the golf course. A job planned for some time now has been to install a storm drain taking water from the 15th fairway, under the 11th tee and in to the river. This is vital to drain that fairway when the river bursts its banks. To coincide with this the path from the 11th tee to the bridge has been in urgent need of repair for some years. The issue with these two jobs has always been how to get material to these areas, as they are located in the far side of the course and the route is very wet. This week provided the perfect opportunity and we took it!

Boards across 15th approach
Warren digging the trench
225mm pipe used
Pipe backfilled
Outlet to the river


The work has been lead superbly by our deputy Warren Clements (pictured in the digger) and consisted of trenching about 75cm deep, laying a 225mm twin walled land drain with a 1:100 fall, backfilling with stone/sand, and finally installing a headwall complete with tidal flap in the river bank. Whilst Warren and Mitchel were working on the drainage, Stan and Miro renovated the path. Soil was dug up at 100mm deep, plainnings (big stone) was laid as the base and the whole area will be topped off with a finer stone. A busy but very productive week and once the weather improves you will be able to enjoy your golf in these areas again!
Path cut out at 100mm deep
Road plainnings laid as the base

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